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How to move forward with surrogacy in Georgia

Georgia surrogacy is certainly possible for you — and, when you work with Southern Surrogacy, your process will be completed efficiently. Because surrogacy is still a new practice that’s continually changing, however, it’s important that you work with an experienced professional who is up-to-date on the latest surrogacy laws and news in Georgia. Southern Surrogacy is that professional.


Guaranteed Baby Programs

Most our intended parents find it very helpful to have a peace of mind ,that they can be assured of the favorable outcome no matter of tries needed. Even if you choose regular program without guarantees and you are not successful right away, after maximum 3 IVF with egg donation programs, we continue further attempts for free ,until pregnancy is achieved.

Couple and Surrogate Mother

Exceptional Surrogate Care

Surrogate mothers play a very crucial role with immense responsibility throughout the pregnancy. Through psychological counselling, constant guidance and proper medical care, we make sure our Surrogate mothers have best possible conditions required for a successful birth of a healthy baby.

What We Do


Egg retrieval

When ovulation is triggered; eggs have to be retrieved surgically using the guidance of ultrasound. The patient is given anaesthesia and is administered by an anaesthesiologist, so the cost the same is also incurred.

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Ovarian stimulation

Fertility drugs and hormones are injected to stimulate the ovaries. If the woman’s AMH value is low, then more medicines are required which increases the cost.


Donor Sperm/Eggs

Couples with low fertility levels, there are chances of using Donor Sperm/Eggs for IVF Treatments.

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Embryo Donor

A couple where one of the partners or both has a serious health condition; are advised for Embryo transfer from the Donor

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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Sometimes couple freezes embryos so that it can be used in the future.Some women prefer to freeze embryos in order to pursue a career in their 20s and 30s and then raise children in their 40s.


Fertility Treatment Tourism

IVF treatment in Mumbai is extremely affordable when compared to other clinics and at par, in terms of advanced technology and that is the main reason why many couples flock to Mumbai for IVF treatments.

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Preimplantation genetic testing is performed before embryo transfer during IVF so that doctors may pick one without a known or suspected gene problem (PGD), or one without an abnormal number of chromosomes (PGS). 



Physicians can freeze and store unused embryos (fertilized eggs) created during IVF, which may include intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), using a process called cryopreservation, or embryo freezing. 

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